What we offer

Design is attitude.

Helmut Schmid

Game-changing communication for our clients.

We create individually tailored, goal-oriented designs that have a lasting impact as an emotional experience in one’s memory. In so doing, we offer a broad range of services – from the simple website to the all-encompassing corporate identity.

ReferencesHow we work

We consider ourselves to be interpreters, mediating between you and your clients.

As communication experts, we translate the ideas of our contracters to match the needs of their clients and target groups.

How we work

Brand Design with a Passion for Detail

An extensive website or the simple web-business-card in combination with conceptually clever designed offline mailing? The online catalogue or the physical Lookbook? Often it's not just a decision between print and digital, but rather one concerning the right combination of media.

Based on long-term and strategically developed concepts, we will put together the right package for you. Through our broad spectrum of services, we help our clients set their ideas in motion.

+ Strategy and Conception

Without guidance and a plan it’s often difficult to reach a goal. Discussion and development of a concept is therefore an essential first step for us.

In cooperation with our clients we define a strategy, the project schedule and the appropriate briefing materials in a workshop. We then develop the appropriate content and ideas for feasible implementation.

+ Brand Design

Corporate Design makes a brand visible, bringing it to life. First impressions matter, not only for people but also for brands. Through our record of consistently high quality services, we can ensure that the positive impression of the brands we develop will be guaranteed across all media.

+ Print & Editorial Design

We have a special passion for tangible print products. A stylish business card can impress in seconds, an original invitation is kept as a souvenir and a brilliant book cover creates curiosity for more ...

+ Screen Design, UI/UX Design

Day in, day out, we roam through the world of the internet. Not only computers but also smartphone are our vehicle. Digital gadgets are at the frontier of all situations. We offer customized Screen designs that not only look great on a myriad of devices and platforms, but are also easy to operate.

In order to create an interface that effortlessly mediates between human and machine, we focus on user experience (UX), testing out our ideas from the conception phase onwards for usability and technical feasibility. During the implementation process, we are in constant dialogue with the developers.

+ Spatial Design

Brands made ‚accessible’ in physical space offer a particularly special experience. Taking 3D space into consideration, we create designs which emerge out of an interplay with onsite architecture. In this way, we create a harmonious unity. Trade fair booths, exhibitions, shops or comprehensive orientation systems are possible areas where our approach might be applied.

+ Packaging Design

Appearances whet the appetite. This happens as soon as you reach the supermarket shelves. Not only price, but also content and – importantly – how it is communicated, play an integral role. We aspire to develop smart, functional packaging that safeguards the product while taking into account both the environment and aesthetics.

+ Production

At the end of every project is its realization. For this, we collaborate closely with specialists, including printers, programmers and photographers, amongst others. We co-ordinate the technical process and ensure that everything not only looks spectacular, but works seamlessly.

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